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Real onsen facilities in Tokyo? Dining options fresh from Toyosu Market? This new Tokyo destination has a lot to offer, with a fun festive Japanese atmosphere to complete the experience. Head to Toyosu to see the newest attraction to pop up near Odaiba!

Toyosu Sightseeing: TeamLab, Toyosu Market, and Now Senkyaku Banrai

Despite being one of a few Tokyo neighborhoods that make up the man-made islands sitting in Tokyo Bay, Toyosu is often overlooked in favor of its neighbor Odaiba. But areas like Toyosu and nearby Ariake aren’t likely to admit defeat anytime soon — between support from the Tokyo Olympics and other municipal projects, this part of Tokyo has been flourishing since the end of covid-era lockdowns, with visitors finally laying eyes on all the new shopping facilities and museums, plus more famous spots like the Toyosu Fish Market and TeamLab Planets. And things aren’t slowing down, either, with the newest addition to Toyosu introducing a selection of totally new entertainment and dining options. Head to Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai to check out Tokyo’s newest addition, and while you’re there, take the time to enjoy a hot spring spa, a whole building of dining options, and a market straight from Japanese history!

Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai (豊洲 千客万来)
6−5−5 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo
Official Website (en)

Tokyo Toyosu Manyo Club

Frequent travelers in Japan will tell you that the Japanese onsen experience is an integral part of any trip to the country, especially when it comes to wiping away all the fatigue of a long day walking around the city. But hot springs are few and far between in the big city, which means that any genuine onsen facilities in Tokyo are a big deal. So locals and travelers alike will be delighted to hear that the hot spring spa chain Manyo Club has opened a brand new facility in Toyosu, with nine floors and a lot to offer: indoor and open-air shared baths, smaller private “family” baths, saunas and “hot bedrock baths” (岩盤浴), massage chairs and real massages, plus ample relaxation rooms. There are even a few guestrooms for onsen lovers to stay in overnight, and the spa is open 24 hours a day.

If you’re wondering “Toyosu is part of a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, where are they getting genuine hot spring water from?” The answer is that it’s literally trucked in every day in special trailers, specially sourced from famous Japanese onsen like Hakone and Yugawara!

▶︎ Do be aware that, as is very common for Japanese onsen, tattooed guests may have somewhat limited access to spa facilities. Smaller tattoos can be covered with large bandaids, allowing full access to the baths, but guests with larger tattoos (especially full sleeves, etc) will probably need to stick to the private baths.

Even if you have no plans to spend all day at the hot springs, Tokyo Toyosu Manyo Club is worth checking out just for the foot baths! The building actually has more than one foot bath, each filled with real hot spring water, and each located high on the building for great views of the surroundings. The foot bath on the roof is a unique circular shape with a 360° panoramic view, but it’s only for paying guests. On the 8th floor, another foot bath is available entirely for free for all visitors to use, and it has a similarly great view of the Tokyo Bay area, including Rainbow Bridge and even a glimpse of Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Toyosu Manyo Club (東京豊洲 万葉倶楽部)
Main Facilities: 24 hours
Free Foot Bath: 10:00–19:00
Admission: adults 3,850 yen | children 1,400~2,000 yen | additional fee required for use after 3 am
Official Website (en)

The Edo Market

When the developers behind Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai first proposed the project, they initially envisioned it as a new incarnation of the Tsukiji outer market, a collection of shops and restaurants that gathered around the now-defunct Tsukiji Fish Market. In the end, due to a whole pandemic and other practicalities, Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai is a little different from the original vision. Connected directly to the hot spring building, this other half of the complex is three floors and about 65 shops dedicated mostly to food and drinks, called the Jogai Edomae Ichiba (豊洲場外江戸前市場), or the Edo-Style Market.

Inside, casual restaurants line up alongside gourmet grocery stores, offering some great edible souvenirs. Outside, the second floor has an entire marketplace built to look like something out of Japan’s Edo era (1603–1868), with counters functioning like stalls a samurai might stop at on his way between Kyoto and Edo. Some of the shops in the building are indeed extensions of shops found in Tsukiji, or sister shops run by the same people. Others offer unique delicacies found nowhere else!

Despite some changes during the planning period, Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai is still constructed right next to Toyosu Market, which provides the restaurants of Tokyo with fish and much more. With such fresh ingredients so easily available, Senkyaku Banrai has made it a mission to take advantage of one marketplace and use it to offer authentic Japanese food at its own Edo-style market. The building’s first and third floors are also a part of that enterprise, with both casual restaurants, and a huge selection of shops focused on sushi in all different forms and flavors.

At the market, we recommend the sweet and fluffy Japanese-style premium egg omelettes from Marutake (originally a popular spot at Tsukiji Market), and the grilled maguro from Toyosu Market tuna specialists Soma Suisan. You can also do your own custom sake tasting at the Toyosu Nomiyoshi sake stand. Use the gashapon machine to receive your ochoko (sake cup) and tokens, then choose whichever sake options most appeal to you from the many bottles in the automatic dispensers.

Toyosu Jogai Edomae Ichiba (豊洲場外江戸前市場)
1F Restaurants: 9:00–18:00
2F Inside Area: 9:00–18:00
2F Outside Area: 10:00–22:00
3F Restaurants: 10:00–22:00
*Some shop hours may vary.

Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai

There’s a lot to look forward to in Toyosu these days, and with the addition of Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai, that includes a fun dose of traditional Japanese culture (with a touch of modern convenience). If you’re looking to enjoy the luxury of a Japanese onsen but don’t want to leave Tokyo to find it, if you want to try all kinds of Japanese street food and sake, or if you just want to find a tasty lunch made with ingredients fresh from Toyosu Market after a visit to TeamLab Planets, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai.

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