Buying Souvenirs in Japan Like a Local: The Best Gifts from Around the Country

① Tokyo: Karinto (Traditional Japanese Sweet Snacks)

The packaging at Nihonbashi Nishiki Horin (日本橋錦豊琳) is nice enough that you can just give the bags to your friends as-is. These are some of the basic brown sugar karinto.

② Osaka: Butaman (Succulent Pork Buns from 551 Horai), Plus Glico Snacks

Image Source: Official Website
Pork buns really aren’t your only option in Osaka! And you might recognize this guy’s face, and his pose, from a certain famous billboard.

③ Hokkaido: Potato Snacks!

Hokkaido produces 78% of the potatoes grown in Japan! If you’re looking something a little less run of the mill, these individually-packaged potato sticks will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

④ Okinawa: Purple Sweet Potato Tarts

The potatoes are naturally intensely purple, lending kind of a magical feel to the already delicious process of stuffing them in your face.

⑤ The Rest of Japan: Chiba, Hiroshima, Ibaraki, Yamagata



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